Data From Wireless Thermometer/ThermoPro

Has anyone tried to pull data from things like a wireless Thermometer like a ThermoPro? I have a smoker and would be nice to set up alarms with temp setpoints as well as see temps remotely. Debating getting one if I can pull the data from it and use maker edition to display the data. Otherwise I am debating adding a small PLC in my garage to use for this in conjunction with other things. But not to the point of adding other things yet. Let me know your thoughts.

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I have done this for my pool setup to get the temperature of the water remotely. The key is that the ThermoPro looks to be Bluetooth. More than likely this means that it will be sending a BLE advertisement with the temperatures encoded in Hexadecimal. The first challenge will be figuring out how to decode that Hex into a useful number. The second challenge is getting that BLE advertisement into Ignition. The way I achieved this was to write a small program in a microcontroller to scan the BLE and send it to Ignition via MQTT publish. This works pretty well in my case.

I didn't get too far into it, but I did start writing logic for Fireboard to pull temps remotely. They had pretty good API documentation and was polling temperature probe data pretty quickly. When I eventually pick one up myself, I'll probably finish up the logic and maybe share on the exchange, but I was testing that using a friends device.

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Thanks folks, I'm debating going this route, or just waiting still. Part of me wants to do it because I can, the other part is why come home and work more when I don't have to... I have my garage set up as a little shop, and once I put dust collection to auto turn on/off as I turn equipment on/off, I might just add a remote rack for temp. Unless it becomes a necessity.

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