Data loggers in Ignition

we can connect dataloggers to direct ignition? to obtain data without having to process csv files that the dataloggers export.

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On the surface, I’d say probably not. With no information on the hardware you’re using, it’s impossible to say with any certainty.

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If by process you mean manually process, well… You can certainly write a script to parse the CSV files for you, so it all works behind the scenes.

thanks for your answer.
I am using various brands of dataloggers, for example the following: Sofrel LS42.

thanks for your answer.
yes, i am using that solution, i have a script where i can read a csv file and store the data directly in the database.

The Sofrel looks like nice hardware, but its datasheet is utterly useless for determining what it is really capable of. If you can get them to supply more details of the Scada protocols they support, we can help you decipher that.

For the integration of “Sofrel” dataloggers, they have developed an OPC DA controller that sends data with a “time-stamp” prior to the current date. In other words, the equipment registers data every 15 minutes (for example) but sends them all together at a specific time using this “opt server” to SCADA, so that every 200ms the “Value / date” pair of a given label changes until transmit all the values ​​recorded from the previous day. Is Ignition capable of reading data with a time-stamp prior to the current date? Would it create the catalog history correctly?

I believe you’d need to add Kepware to the mix. Ignition supports OPC UA, but to my knowledge not DA.

Ignition can make OPC Classic/DA connections as a client but it is not a server.