Data Loss FactorySQL->MSSQL

I am the end customer, our machine OEM use FactorySQL to link between Siemens PLC and MSSQL.

I have an issue, some data which come already in the FactorySQL but it has not record into the MSSQL table.

Could you please advise where should I have a look. My machine OEM said he has not seen any mistake in the programming.

Also, please recommend where is the support in Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand where I can buy them the service.

Thank you.


I’m very sorry for the slow reply. Did the system work for a long time and then recently start losing data?

There are a few possible causes:

  1. The database could be responding slowly, due to the amount of data, or for a different reason.
  2. The database connection could be periodically going down, causing data to go to the data cache, and perhaps the data cache is responding slowly.
  3. Trigger conditions on the group, and data characteristics from the OPC server, are causing events to be missed.
  4. A problem with the OPC server is preventing data from being delivered to FactorySQL.

The first place to look would be the FactorySQL error log, under Help>Log Viewer. Are there many messages? Are there messages indicating errors?

Next, look under Connection>System Status. Click on “Statistics”. What are the values for:

  • Avg Group execution cost
    -Avg Exec Delay
    Browse down to one of the groups that is missing events, what do the statistics for that group look like?

Finally, in windows explorer, go to “C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\FactorySQL”, assuming that is where it was installed. How large are the files “system_database.fdb” and “data_cache_db.fdb”?


Error log as attached.

system_database.fdb 7.8 MB
data_cache_db.fdb 9 KB

Please give me the email, I would like to send more detail to you.
And if you can give the online service via Team Viewer that might be great.

You can send an email to


Everything there looks fine there, so I don’t think it’s anything strange going on with FactorySQL. Perhaps the easiest place to start would be for you to email a backup of your project, so that we can see how things are set up and what they should be doing.

You can simply copy the system_database file, or go to File>Backup>Backup system. Send that to the email Travis mentioned above.

Which OPC server are you using? If you restart the machine, does it work for a while and then stop, or does it always miss data? Is this something that just started recently?