Data not being Added to MYSql database

I am just trying to set up an application, much like the one in the quick start. I am using RSLinx to a Control Logix processor.

I am able to browse the tags, add them to a standard group, and run the group. All of the Tags I add show up in the MYSql table but no new records are being added to the table.
FactorySQL.doc (113 KB)

To log data, go to the Action tab of the group properties, select Insert New Record. This tells FactorySQL to log a new row each time the group runs (as opposed to constantly updating the same record).

This manual page shows the options.

The FactorySQL Drag, Drop, Log video illustrates the process.

Thanks for the reply and the link, The group is setup to add a new row, but when I look at the status tab, nothing is happening.

Group Started: (current Date / Time)
Last Attempted execution 1/1/0001 12:00:00am

Execution Status = unknown
Execution Completed? = No
Executinon Duration = 0ms