Data not logging into DB in FSQL

Sometimes am able to see only zero in Database even though a real numerical value is coming through OPC server and that is not getting logged through groups to DB.
This happens in Trends. That is am able to see only Zero value instead of real values in history.

And if am Stopping the groups, refreshing FSQL and then Start, from then data starts loggin.

please solve…

When you are getting 0 in the database, does the FactorySQL frontend show the value? It shouldn’t, but instead should show some sort of bad quality message or error. Also, if you look under Help -> Log Viewer in the frontend, do you see any particular errors that might be relevant?

Is the OPC server local, or are you connecting remotely? Which OPC server is it? How often does this problem occur, and does it ever fix itself? I ask because if connecting remotely, some rather long timeouts could be coming into play.


We have not given long timeouts. It is fixing by itself after some time.



You didn’t answer the most important question: is the opc server remote/on a different machine? If so, it is likely that the connection is simply going down from time to time.

When connecting remotely, “OPC Tunneller” products which communicate over standard networking instead of DCOM can help reduce the amount of time it takes to reconnect. So, if connecting remotely, you might consider looking into this.