Data pruning when no partitioning is configured

In one of my projects I’ve enabled no Data partitioning. Nontheless I need Data pruning. In the hints for Data pruning I read:
Am I right if I say that in my case, i.e. without any partitioning enabled, I will have no data pruning at all? In this case is it safe just to delete older data in the sqlt_data_1_xxxxxx table?
Or do I have to deal with
as well?

Thanks in davance, regards

If you have a single partition, it’s possible to directly delete old data yourself. You will probably want to update the time range represented in sqlth_partitions at the same time - that will prevent the historian issuing a query for data that’s not actually there, but even without that, things should mostly just work.

Disclaimer being that although I’m pretty versed in the historian I haven’t actually tried this myself, so I’m not committing to a 100% guarantee.

Ok, many thanks Mr PGriffith, I will give it a try.