Data Quality 203? Bad Quality?

I was backfilling tag history using system.tag.writeBlock, and the data quality was 203 instead of 192.
What does that code mean?

Documentations says that quality code 0-225 are “good”.
If so, why would “Ignore Bad Quality” ignore that data on charts and script?

Tag Quality and Overlays - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (

203 is Good_Backfill

From the internal docs:

Used to indicate good quality values that have arrived out of order. Different systems can choose to process them accordingly.

Not sure why Ignore Bad Quality is ignoring it…

Not really related to your issue, but why are you using system.tag.writeBlocking() to backfill tag history? Wouldn’t system.tag.storeTagHistory() be better suited?

I don’t have to extract the tagpath to get the provider, tag, and historian provider.
The trick is to get the qualityValue object from a readBlock.
Plus it feels more natively supported…

qvs = system.tag.readBlock(['%s' % (tagPath) for tagPath in tagPaths])
values = [...]
timestamps = [...]
for i, qv in enumerable(qvs):
	if qv.quality <> 'Not Found'....
		for j, ts in enumerable(timestamps):
			values.append(getQualityValue(qv, values[j], ts))

def getQualityValue(qualityValue, value, date)
	qv = qualityValue.clone()
	qv.value = value
	qv.timestamp = date
	qv.quality = qv.quality.Good
	return qv

There is discrepancies with the quality code on Ignition and the historian.
On Vision, I see data quality = -2,147,483,136.
On historian, the same data on the same timestamp, I see data quality = 0.

Am I missing something?