Data quality changes good to bad and back


We have some machines that running with Ignition on our Butler, Pa plant. These have worked for several years now, so we have used these programs as our models, guides, for out other plants.

Right now it’s my turn to do the same thing with a plant we have in Mexico. It uses the same PLC controllers, logic, and machinery , so is pretty much the same as the one in Pa. I started working on it, but I’m noticing that the quality of all tags keeps changing from good to bad and back. I’ve checked the settings and properties of the tags and they are the same as the project from our Pa plant. I’m not sure what could be affecting the quality of our tags…

Can anyone guide me through what I might need to do or check out?



It’s probably communications timeouts causing the tags to go to bad quality and back.

You can go to the console area on the Ignition gateway, export your logs, and then upload the logs.bin.gz file here or email it to support and we can take a look.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve attached the log here. Let me know if they are accessible. I wasn’t able to upload it as a bin format so I changed it to txt. ¿I believe that you can easily change it back?


I don’t see anything obvious in the logs. Maybe you can call into support while the tags quality is alternating some time?