Data query in perspective


In perspective, I use a template repeater to instances 3 views in a responsive page (like in demo V8). The first instance is a view which generate a db query and send result to the others view instances (1 chart and 1 table).

What is the best way to send these data from the 1st instance to the others (message handler, session variable, …) ?

Thanks for your advices

Message handler.

I’m not really sure what you mean by this:

‘template repeater’ is Vision terminology, and substituting for Perspective’s Flex repeater doesn’t make sense as you say you have 3 different types of views you’re displaying, and the components work for a single view type?

It’s flex repeater sorry.

So message handler is the best way ? with page scope I suppose ?

@nminchin was looking for clarification because the Flex Repeater will only display a single View multiple times with different parameters. It is not possible to have two (or more) different Views within a Flex Repeater.

If you’re just placing components into a View (even if those components are Embedded Views) then you should just use bindings. If your layout begins getting complicated, you could easily switch over to using Message Handlers - they’re just a little more difficult to setup.