Data retrieval from two different servers using WebDev module

Hi Team ,

There is a scenario where I have the license to the webdev module in one server and i am using that Webdev URL in another server. But I am not able to retrieve any data that is processed by the Webdev Script. There are few parameters that I am passing to the webdev i.e Session Id and host name. Since they're 2 different servers I am doubtful about how to use the webdev in the other server. Could anyone suggest me a solution to this. When I try to obtain the data using an iframe beneath the perspective section by connecting it to the webdev module that is on another server it says taking too long to respond.

You'll have to provide more detail. In particular, are you testing your WebDev scripts by themselves before trying to access them in a separate server's Perspective sessions?

Well there is this scenario where I'm using the Web Dev script to retrieve the data in perspective using Iframe in which I'm binding the source of that Iframe with the launch URL of Web Dev script which belongs to the same server so i could able to retrieve the data with no issues. Where As in particular I'm testing the Web Dev script which is one server and I'm binding it to the source of Iframe using the WebDev launch URL which is located in another server, so since the WebDev is from different server after the linking it to the Iframe it says "the server is not responding" or "it's taking too long to respond". So can anyone suggest me how to proceed further.