Data Source SQL Problem

I am trying to connect to an Informix database. In the Windows ODBC setup, I have the Informix ODBC driver, and ‘Test Connection’ works okay. The error I get with FPMI is:

FAIL (next test in 8 seconds)
Message: (show details)
[Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Incorrect password or user SYSTEM is not known on the database server.

The IT dept. has this connection setup for me. There is no username/password in the ODBC setup in Windows. I think there is some hostname-based authentication going on… It seems that FPMI forces the username/password fields, and when I leave them blank, it uses ‘SYSTEM’. The field ‘Extra Connection Properties’ in FPMI has this note:

NOTE - The user and password properties will be passed explicitly, so they do not need to be included here.

I am wondering if it would work if FPMI didn’t include the uname/passwd in it’s connection settings. Has anyone run into this before?

I have also tried using the Informix JDBC driver, to no avail. Here’s the message:

[i]FAIL (next test in 6 seconds)
Message: (show details)

Incorrect password or user com.informix.asf.IfxASFRemoteException: is not known on the database server.[/i]

That is with the username blank. If I try it with a username, it says no system permission.

Any thoughts?

I would highly recommend not using an ODBC driver in FactoryPMI if it can be avoided. The Sun ODBC->JDBC bridge that we use really isn’t the most robust thing for high load production systems and it adds another potential point of failure - we really added it for minimal MS Access support (companies sell JDBC Access drivers). JDBC is really the way to go!

As to your JDBC driver, I suspect that there may be driver specific settings to configure that will be found in the docs that come with your driver. It looks like it may expect user@host.domain.

Please post a link to the driver that you’re using and some information about the database settings - like the ODBC connection configuration. The next step would be to call the office and we’ll figure it out with you over a Gotomeeting connection.