data store full

Hello all,
i have a continuous error on the iginition gateway
com.inductiveautomation.ignition.gateway.web.util.LocalizedMessageException: The data store has reached its maximum capacity.
and also through the store and forward page i have Total Dropped
can anyone help me how to increase the data store capacity?

Many thanks!

You should first fix whatever problem is keeping data from going from the Store and Forward system into your database(s). Or not going fast enough. Otherwise, you’ll just immediately fill up any additional capacity and continue losing data.

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could that be a problem from the sql server and not from the iginition gateway?

How much capacity is left in your SQL server volumes?

156GB in the DB volume and 1.2TB left on the log volume.

It could be a performance problem, where some part of your DB infrastructure simply can’t handle the number/pace of traffic from Ignition. That’s not terribly common unless you are trying to run the DB on the same server as Ignition.

More common is a misconfiguration somewhere in either Ignition or your DB that causes many SQL statements to fail, so the Store and Forward system puts the data in its data store to try again later. Which fails over and over again. You have to look in your gateway logs to find entries showing these kinds of failures. In some cases, you may have to turn on extra logging in your DB to see that side of the failures to figure out what is going wrong.