Data Table and and number display

I have added a table to a Window and hooked the Data to a database. It displays some of the data correctly. Anthing less than .01 shows up as 0 in the table. I assume that this is the same problem that affects the charts. However, since 0.008 is not 0 I think this rises to the level of being a bug. The only thing worse than no data is wrong data. The data shows up correctly in the SQL Tags browser where I have changed the Format (in Metadata) to 0.00E00 but this only affects the screen display and apparently not the table display.

The format string meta property is only used when you drag and drop a tag onto a display. The table by default formats a number with #,##0.##. So you want to right click on the component and go into the Table Customizer. Change the number format for the appropriate column to something like #,##0.##### or #,##0.00000. The number signs signify a decimal place may or may not be there. A zero says always show that many decimal places. Hope this helps.

Yes that works. I will take back half the things I was thinking about you. If you fix the charts for scientific notation I will take back the other half.

For what its worth, anywhere that you can specify a number format pattern (like in the table’s column configs) you can get it to display scientific notation, using a number format pattern like this: