'Data truncated' for timestamp in block transaction group


i get a 'java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Data truncated for column ‘t_stamp’ error in a block transaction group.
The value for the t_stamp column is a OPC timestamp set to datatype ‘Int 8’, the target column is a mySQL bigint.

In a standard transaction group, the same configuration works. Is there something different when converting a timestamp to ‘Int 8’ in a block group, or is there any better way to get an UTC millisecond timestamp into the database?

There might be a difference in how it’s handled internally. I’ll look into it.

What version of Ignition are you running?

I’m using 7.5.4 beta1.
I just found out the difference to the standard group now. There i used a SQLTag and referenced the ‘LastChange’ property (tag_LastChange). This property is converted to Int8 without problems.
The conversion seems to be ignored, if the ‘LastChange’ property is selected under ‘Value Mode’ in the group tag configuration, but this happens for all types of groups.
Sorry for the confusion in my first post.

I’ve been trying to reproduce this problem without success. Would you be able to post or email an export of your transaction group?

Ok, forget my last post, it is only reproducable for block groups.
Here is the group export and a screenshot of the error.

block_group.xml (2.22 KB)

Thanks for the group export. I was able to reproduce the problem. It does appear that the standard group is casting the timestamp to a INT8, whereas the block group is not. I’ll make a ticket for it in our system.


This will be fixed for 7.5.4, however, in researching it I noticed that this is only a problem with the block group when using store and forward. You can get around the issue until the next release by going to “Options” on the group and selecting “bypass store and forward”.