Data Type Creation Disabled

I am starting on the ignition platform, and am working with existing applications on the 7.8.4 version.
The current application does not use any UDTs, and I would like to experiment with them.
Clicking the tag button allows me to create new OPC, Memory, Query, and Expression tags as well as creating a new folder. Client Tag, Data Type Instance, and New Data Type are greyed out.

My assumption is that I have something missing in my tag database, or in my project configuration, but I have been unable to find any reference to this in the manuals.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?

The buttons are location-sensitive. To be allowed to create a client tag, you must be in the [Client] provider or a folder under it. To be allowed to create a data type, your highlight must be on the data types folder. To create a data type instance, you must have a least one data type created.

In tags, there a folder called data types
right click and click “New Data Type”.
Define the field for your UDT

Then to create an instance of that type
Tags right click - > New Tag - > Data Type Instance -> and choose your UDT

emca_user: I have no DataTypes folder. If I create a folder with this name, it does not acquire any special properties; it is just another folder.

pturmel: When under Client in the tree, I can create a new Client Tag of any standard data type ( bool, long, float, etc). When under Tags in the tree, I can create new OPC Tag, Memory Tag, Query Tag, and Expression Tag. I have not found any place where I am able to create a New Data Type.

Huh. No pre-existing data types folder? I didn’t think that was possible. What is your default tag provider setting in your project properties? I vaguely recall it needing to be the internal provider to support UDTs.

As far as I am aware, Ignition does not support use of UDTs if you are using an external tag provider.