Data Type Instance scanclass


Is it possible to link Data Type Instance parameter as a scanclass for tags, the same way as it is possible to do with OPC item path?

For example I have Data Type Instance and string parameter “OPCpath”.
It is possible to link tag path inside Data Type Instance to this parameter as: {OPCpath}.Flag.Alarms_PE1_4mA and it is working good.

Also I have string parameter “ObjectScanclass” and trying to link it to tag scanclass field the same way:
{ObjectScanclass}, but it does not work.

Am I doing it wrong or it is not currently possible?

Any thoughts?

The Inductive University says it is possible to pass Scan Class as a parameter into a UDT. It was one of the questions, and the answer was that it is possible. So that is encouraging. But I don’t how to do it.

Parameterizing a UDT member’s scan class is supposed to work - but unfortunately was discovered to be broken. The issue has been fixed for 7.7.2. We are sorry about the confusion this has caused.

Thank you!

I am running 7.9.12, we are trying to parameterize the scanclass property, but it doesn’t seem to be working, what am I doing wrong?


when I create a UDT tag, the scanclass its not using the definition.