Data Type of UDT Parameters in Ignition 8

I’m new to Ignition, so forgive me if this has an obvious answer. Looking at documentation for 7.9, when defining parameters in a UDT, there is a dropdown to select the datatype of a given parameter, e.g. String, Integer, Float, etc.

Screenshot from 7.9 help article

Screenshot from 8.0 help article

In Ignition 8(.0.2), the parameter creation screen ONLY has parameter name and value. When I export my tags, I can see that they have a datatype assigned. A few questions about how to work this this:

  • Does it automatically conform to a type when a value is assigned?
  • Can I export the tags, edit the XML/JSON so the parameters have the correct datatypes, then re-import?
  • Right now I worked around an error by casting the parameters I’m working with as a float() or str() as necessary. Is there a better way to go about this?