Data type parameter array?

Encountered a situation where I could use an array of strings in a UDT’s Data Type Parameter, and wondering if it is possible. Not obvious to me, and don’t see it in documentation, but still asking.

Specifically, I’d like to create an array of strings in the Data Type Parameters section of the Tag Editor for a UDT. We can add a parameter giving it a name, selecting Integer, Double, or String for the Data Type, and entering a Value. Possible to have an array of strings such as StringParam[10], and assign and access elements individually?

Actually, allow me to modify the question. I just realized that having individual string parameters on the UDT is okay; where I’m looking to have the array is in Expression tags, providing access to the UDT parameters. In other words, I place parameters on the UDT, then, since graphic objects can’t bind to the parameters, I provide an Expression tag (read-only) for each parameter, creating in effect an alias for the parameter. Now, I can create a string array for a tag, but what would the syntax look like where an element of the array would access a parameter?
To have a string Tag called StrTest that accesses a parameter called StrTestParam, I create StrTest as an Expression tag with the expression “{StrTestParam}”. Is there a way to have StrTest[0] alias StrTestParam0, and StrTest[1] alias StrTestParam1?