Data Type Parameters Changing from String to Integer

Ignition V8.0.11

I have UDT parameters that are intended for strings.
If I happen to type an integer into a parameter, the parameter type changes to an integer and it will not let me enter a string value or change the parameter back to a string type.

Attached screen shot show two instances of the same UDT. The ‘AlarmText’ of the top one is string but the bottom one is integer.

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Determined that I can change it back to text by right clicking on tag and selecting ‘edit raw’.
Not obvious but it took care of my problem.

Sorry… last post.
I realized how I accidentally got the integer in the string parameter in the first place.
In the tag editor, I entered 50 HP.
When I applied, it converted it from the string ‘50 HP’ to an integer 50.
This was the start of my confusion and can probably be easily corrected.

Also, issues with UDT parameter datatypes are the entire reason 8.0.12 exists. You should update as soon as possible.

I upgraded to 8.0.12.
FYI: If I enter 50 hp to a string parameter in the tag editor it still changes the value to 50 and the type to integer. It allows me to change it to 50 hp using the ‘edit raw’.

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