Data Type Parameters used in Metadata

I have created data types representing analog instruments. As such, these types have multiple REAL elements (for example) that should all have the same data format string, and engineering unit. So I have created Data Type Parameters (of string type) for those two, called EngUnits and NumFormat.
I have then used {EngUnits} on the “Eng Unit” metadata field on one of the REAL elements, assuming that like a similar link I use in Tooltip, it would pass what I put in the Data Type parameter and use the value. So I would only have to type the engineering unit in once. However, this does not seem to work. When run, the engineering unit field returns {EngUnit}, not what I typed in on the instance. Am I doing something wrong or are Parameters only functional on certain fields?

You shouldn’t have to add a data type parameter for the Eng Units. I changed my Eng Units to Amps by typing Amps in the drop down. So now all my instances of the tag now show Amps as the Eng Unit. Additionally, I don’t know if you were trying the tooltip also, but by placing “Amps Motor{motorNum}”, without quotes, I was able to display “Amps Motor 3” as a mouse over tooltip.

If your trying to do something else let me know

I am not sure I follow. My data type say has 6 REAL elements, all of which need to be set to on EGU (NTU, PSI, GPM, etc). I realize that I can multi-select and then override the engineering units for all, but I thought I could reduce labor by designing a single Engineering Unit parameter and then just referencing it. Since this DOES work in the tooltip field, I assumed it would work for EngUnits and for DataFormat.

It doesn’t look like it works on the Eng Unit right now. I will add a ticket in for that.

Thanks Travis. Same for Data Format?