Data Type Paramters

I have a Data Type that includes the OPC path in the parameters and have created several tags using this data type and will end up using similar Data Types for many additional tags.


The problem is that I am developing the screens using a soft PLC on my PC and this OPC path will change in the field.

Is there a way to change this OPC path without physically changing them one at a time or creating new tags?

If your soft PLC and the real PLC have the same syntax, you can delete the driver device for the soft PLC and replace it with the device for the real PLC, using the same name. Then it will “Just Work.” If the soft PLC is not the same, you will have to script the changes. See the system.tag.* scripting functions in the manual.

Thanks for the reply.

Since, I will be using a lot of tags created using Data Types that use the Data Type Parameters to indirectly address tags in an array, I was hoping that I could find an easy way to change the parameter name “OPCpath” for all these tags at one location like a string memory tag.

The OPC path will be different even after I update the OPC Server Connection in the project configuration.

I’m not sure I can do that with the “system.tag.*” scripting because of the indirect addressing.

Thanks again

You can export the tags to XML, script the changes, and re-import.

That seems like my best option … Thanks