Data type

looking at the ignition opc-ua server export, it shows a number under the data type column. I am pretty sure that this number represents the plc address. can you tell me what number i should put for each different address? Integers, Binary, Float, String, Timer, ect…

I’m not quite sure I know what export you are talking about… Where did you do this from?

I think that he’s talking about the ‘TagType’ and ‘DataType’ columns in the CSV export.

There is no OPC-UA server CSV export… at least that I’m aware of.

Are you guys talking about a SQLTags export?


Probably the easiest thing to do is point you to the Custom Driver Whitepaper. You won’t need to worry about much of the information there, but included is an Enum Reference that lays out the data types.

Let me know if you had something else in mind.


Yes, I am talking about if you go to the designer and open up a project. You can export the tags for a project from the SQL tags browser as a CSV file. In that file there is a column named Data Type. I made all the values “0” and it made all my tags an Int2 Datatype. Some should be boolean or string or float. Does this really matter?

Cool, I found what I was looking for on page 9 of the documents you suggested looking at. The Enum Reference. Thanks.

Keep in mind that the is the SQLTag datatype; it has no effect on what type of tag is actually addressed/asked for in the driver/PLC. That is controlled by the address format of the device in question.