Data upload to client locks it up

I cannot share much detail but here is a summary.
There is a process where I need to upload csv files with up to 3000 lines, 65 columns and then add to a mySQL database. The general process I use is this:

  • search target folder for files

  • check to see if the sn is included in a separate database (same as below) and

  • get static info ie sn , process run,special config from a separate database

  • get columns from the target data base

*construct update query from this info

  • read the csv file from a string (path and filename has already been constructed)

  • split the string into lines

  • iterate through the lines

*split the current row

  • build the new row using append

  • run an update query to insert this data into the target database

  • when finished start on the next file until all files are uploaded

The script I use works fine and I’m reasonably happy with the speed, the only problem is that when I start running the event script the user interface is locked and won’t respond until this script is done. I would like to have some way to monitor the progress of this process, but it won’t let me until it is completed. Is there any way to do this?

This may be relevant:


I believe this is exactly what I am looking for :grinning:

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