Database and OS Version Support

I have planned to install ignition version 8.0.12.
Which version of OS and DB supports.
Did RHEL 8.2 OS support?
Did Postgres DB version 11 support?
Did Postgres DB version 12 support?

Ignition is pretty tolerant of the platform it runs on, though IA tests only on Ubuntu, iirc. You may have to tweak your startup file(s) for RHEL. Newer versions of PostgreSQL are definitely supported, but be sure you upgrade to a current JDBC driver (after install). The shipped driver supports older Postgres.

New 8.0 installs are shipping v42.x of the Postgres JDBC driver - not the very latest, but pretty new, so this shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

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Ah, that’s good. That’s what I’ve been using.

Thnak u so much

Thank u so much