Database Application

Hi All…Thanks in advance for your help.

I want to build a project mgt subsystem in ignition. I have the manual printed out and have successfully connected to a SQL Srv 2008 db. I’m having problems finding in help on simple app functions such as dropping fields on a form, subforms, record movement (next, previous, first, and last record).

I’m looking for some general instruction or maybe a sample app. Any help will be greatly appreciated. If you send an app i will not use it for production or disclose it’s source. I just need it for reference.

Thanks again.

Take a look at the IA Demo project that you can download at The demo project has a few screens that add/edit/delete data from a SQL database. Take a look at the Order Entry screen. Note *: The IA Demo project overwrites your existing Ignition project. First make a backup of your Ignition Gateway and then load the IA Demo project.