Database Authentication Profile Not Creating Tables

When I setup the Database Authentication Profile it never created the tables in the database. I’m using Oracle XE 11g and Ignition 7.3.1 (b496). The database is also being used by MES (not sure if that matters). I noticed that is says something about expert mode, What is expert mode?

I actually got this to work, I had to go to the project properties and select the profile that i wanted to use and then it created the tables.

But now when I try to log into the client it get an invalid password message. I checked the console and saw this error message "java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00904: “PASSWORD”: invalid identifier.

I looked up ORA-00904 and haven’t found anything helpful yet.

I’m sure I’m missing something but can’t see it.

If the tables were created successfully, check the tables for a column called “password”. Double quotes make identifiers case sensitive in Oracle. If Ignition created the column in lower case with double quotes, any further calls to that table from Ignition need to keep that case. A few times in the past I have encountered issues with this.

If the field is indeed called “password”, alter the table and change the name to just password. You may find that in some other interaction with these tables, you get an error with ORA-00904: “password”: invalid identifier. This would require a change to Ignition to use consistent cases in calls to that table.

You could also change the db translator in Ignition to not use double quotes, but this opens up other issues as certain keywords in other Ignition-created tables are Oracle keywords and may not create successfully.