Database Authentication Username

I thought in the older Ignition releases when I create a database authentication in manual mode I could specify the result username, but I can not in 7.6.

Basically what I am doing is creating an alias, so the user can authenticate with a variety of names, but the resultant username is consistent.

I could have sworn I had this working previously…

If there is no work around should I put in a feature request to add username to what the returned row may contain? The documentation says “The returned row may contain the user’s basic properties under the column names: [firstname, lastname, schedule, language, notes]”.

Yes, in 7.6 Ignition is using the name the user typed as the logged in username. Is there a special reason that you need to be logged in under a name that’s different that what the user typed?

We were using prox card readers as another method of login, besides the username. When using the prox card the card id was supplied as the username, but we wanted to map this to the actual username.

We have a work around. We have the client auto login, and using scripting lookup the proxid and use the returned username when calling

Yes, that workaround will have to do for now. Ignition doesn’t currently have a way to log in with a different username than what was supplied.