Database backup

Hi guys, I have a problem with transaction groups. The IT staff currently do a schedule backup of the database in the early hours of the morning. The database sits on another machine. When they do the backup they are closing the connection to Ignition, when the backup is finished all of the last values that were in the transaction groups are being triggered to write in the database again, so I end up with double transactions when the backup is finished.

Any ideas on a cure for this?



What version of Ignition are you using?

What type of transaction group are you using?

Greg it is version 7.2.11 and standard Transaction groups.

I have attached log file the backup is at 1.15am every day.
logs.bin.gz (650 KB)

Has this always occurred when they do the database backup?

Greg Yes it has.

If your transaction groups are set to use a trigger, you could try selected the “Prevent trigger caused by group start” check box. It may help you out in this situation.