Database cache filling up

So I know this has worked on before, but I cannot find a solution anywhere and my IT guy is not sure either. I have a physical machine with Ignition 8.0.9 running with MSSQL on the same machine. This has been running over a year with no major issues as our development server.

We recently starting up what will be our production server with Ignition 8.0.15 and MSSQL which are both on the same VM instead of a physical machine. We started out with them separated but the VM with MSSQL was having issues with the CPU hitting 100% causing the caches on two databases to fill. Last week we moved them both to the same VM server as a suggestion, but had the same issue with the CPU hitting 100%. IT did some tuning to MSSQL and CPU usage went to <40%. I monitored throughout that week and saw no issues and was prepared to split them back up and move forward with the project.

Monday, I came in and the cache was full on the databases just as before, but the CPU was still only at the most 50%. Since this data isn’t being used, I cleared out the cache and started again to monitor. What I have noticed it that if the cache gets more than 100 records, it starts to fall behind until its full. One thing I do see different is on the store and forward status screen. Before the tuning, the DB storage was around 30/sec when the cache was almost full(25000). Just after the tuning, I saw it as high as 300/sec if the cache had anything in it, but usually was at around 15/sec if empty. This week, it only get up to 50/sec no matter how full the cache is.

My IT guy doesn’t see any issues with MSSQL using the monitor and tuning. No long queries or anything else. Right now I have the cache turned off to keep the errors down, but I don’t think that is a good idea long term. Any ideas?

Also, I plan on reaching out to support once they are open this morning. Thanks.

Did you find out anything regarding this?
Or what needs to be adjusted?