Database Cleanup Help

I have yet to find this topic covered in Forums or Ignition docs.

How does one go about cleaning up a database to remove unneeded data?
My tags were all configured to store history in the same database, just different scan classes. Most if not the tag history data is from Easy Charts trends.
We’ve been playing around in our lab with Ignition, experimenting with PLC’s and different sample rates.
Initially I’d like to clear the database and start fresh, so a brute force approach would be acceptable. But looking forward I can see the need to periodically clear out old data using Ignition functionality.


Thanks in advance.

If you really want to start fresh, just drop all the tables while Ignition isn’t running. It’ll re-create a minimum set of tables when you start it back up.

Uh, where and how do I drop the tables? Yes, you’re dealing with a database illiterate.

That would be in your database’s recommended management tool, not in Ignition. SQL Server Management Studio, MySQL Workbench, and pgAdmin III would cover the popular ones. The credentials Ignition is using in your Database Connection are likely to work in those tools as well.