Database Communication Issue with Ignition

Hello, I have a Licensed Ignition Module and there are about 5 projects running in Ignition. It gateway is connected to 10 DB instance at present. I get a frequent Database communication fault the maximum Queries per sec is 78 Quires/Sec. I would like to know if there is any limitation to the number of database connection with ignition or how can I optimize the Query rate. Any suggestion on this would be helpful.

Thank you.

There are no limits. 78 queries per second is a moderate load. I’ve seen systems with much more. You almost certainly are experiencing performance limitations in the database, not Ignition. No way to tell without more information about your setup.

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Hi, I’m using SQL EXPRESS 2014 hosted on a Windows Server 2012 R2 with 32GB RAM/4TB Memory, any ideal server architecture that you would suggest for running multiple ignition projects with minimum 1000 tags?

I’ll let the Microsoft experts advise you.