Database connection causes 'Aborted connection'

In Ignition we have 3x Mariadb servers connected, and each server logs the following:

“190519 19:01:42 [Warning] Aborted connection 672458 to db: ‘db_’ user: '’ host: '1.1*.*.88’ (Got an error reading communication packets)”

Where this becomes a problem is the aborted connections add up. While the count is flushed periodically, an increase in the aborted connections could cause a problem as well as it just clogs up the database server log. It appears as if it is the Ignition server merely attempting to connect to check the status of the connection. If this is in fact the case, is there anything we can due to improve, fix, or stop at least the aborted connection?

Right now we are on 7.9.6 using Mariadb ConnectorJ. We have the following for Extra Connection Properties: zeroDateTimeBehavior=convertToNull;connectTimeout=120000;socketTimeout=120000;

Is this something possibly with the Validation Query? Right now the query is just “SELECT 1”. Any tips or advice?

Hi Sammy,

Did you find a solution to your problems? Experiencing the same …

From our RDS log:
2020-10-06T09:23:35.904562Z 99316 [Note] Aborted connection 99316 to db: ‘xxxxx’ user: ‘xxxxxx’ host: ‘xxxxxxxx’ (Got an error reading communication packets)