Database connection drops

Hello all,
Ignition 8.1.11 with a redundant gateway connected to MS Sql Server.

I have a weird issue here. The connection to a database become FAULTED (shown in the database status page of the gateway). But, when that happen, the backup gateway is still connected to the database.

Both gateways are connecting to the database with the same user.

What can cause a DB connection to drop?

You haven’t given any context on how the Ignition gateway is connected to the database (on same server, separate servers, physical or virtual…etc.) so it is hard to give a correct answer. What kind of load is being placed on the SQL Server, did you write any queries that take a long time time to respond? Are you exceeding the maximum active connections in the connection pool? Pay attention to the database stats to see if that is showing any issues. If you are using the tag historian, sometimes the sqlth_sce table gets too large and slows down queries in which case you need to truncate the table.


I’m using Ignition 8.1.11 on a VM. The MS-SQL server (Enterprise edition) is on another VM.

Thank you for the comment. I’ll keep an eye on the database stats.

For the moment, I feel like my issue may not be caused by Ignition. But it is still weird to see the main gateway disconnected and the redundant gateway (warm status) still connected.