Database connection either MySQL or MSSQLEXPRESS

I do have installed the ignition app in my computer but using an external hard drive, also I do have the MySQL community (the latest version) amd MSSQLExpress but those in the host drive C:, for some reason I cannot create the connection using either Database Application, the message from ignition if I want to use the MySQL is this:

The MySQL driver is missing required files. Please see this help page for information about how to install the necessary driver files for your database. But I already have the MySQL installed.

for the other hand if I want to create a connection to the Microsoft SQL Server, the system shows me a faulted connection, I already try looking into the manual and the only difference is that I have installed the Ignition 8.1 in my external HD.

Do anybody can help me?

Heber Alanis

This should get your MySQL connected, note that your connection string is going to need to be changed, but its covered in the documentation.
Also make sure you set the database name correctly, i believe the default is "test"

For MSSQL express that should be straight forward, no need to update the driver, but you need to make sure the correct services are enabled. If i remember SQL Server Browser is disabled by default and i think you need to enable it.

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Also make sure it’s the standard express version and not the LocalDB version. LocalDB doesn’t allow for TCP/IP connections.

That it doesn’t really matter if the system said, that there is not a driver configure for MySQL

I don’t follow, you are using MySql, is this not the driver you need:

One of my servers is connected to MySql, and these are the instructions i had to follow to do it.

Woow how fast Ignition become another Rockwell, Good Job

So far, you have not stated:

  • The specific version of Ignition (e.g. 8.1.x). Sometimes, that does make a difference.
  • The version of MySQL
  • The version of SQL Server Express
  • Anything representing what you have tried.
  • Entries from the log showing the error. Or a screenshot to illustrate. A picture is worth many words.

please remember, this is not an official support channel. Most of us are users who volunteer our time to help others out.

That said, I assume that this the is specific error you see?

If so, you will need to install the JDBC driver files to match your version of MySQL. This is what provides the connection to the DB from a Java application, such as Ignition.

The same would be true for SQL Server (You did verify it was Standard, and not LocalDB, right?)

So, how about we hit these issues up one at a time, thus being more productive…

Which db should we connect to first?


The only other thing I’ll add is that we don’t bundle the MySQL or Oracle JDBC drivers because we can’t, due to their licensing terms. The MariaDB driver is generally compatible with MySQL and the best alternative we’re able to directly include in the software.


Rockwell would charge you to ask a question like this, so it's a poor comparison. Love or hate Ignition, you having issues using 3rd party stuff is quite simply your issue. It's not hard to setup MySQL or MSSQL. If you really want help, I recommend trying a different method instead of blasting Ignition.