Database connection faults

When I overrun the maximum database connections the database faults and sometimes will not recover until I open the database configuration page and save it without making changes. I can prevent this by setting the max active connection too high, but perhaps another setting in the database advanced properties would be more appropriate - I cannot find documentation for any of them. Any suggestions?

Error: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot get a connection, pool error Timeout waiting for idle object

Ignition 8.0.9
MSSQL 12.0.6024
JDBC 7.4.1


I am facing a similar issue here, it has just started after the 8.0.9 upgrade, SQL queries are taking too much longer than the previous stable version 8.0.6. I tried to increase max active, idle and wait, but the issue persists.

this is exactly the issue we face intermittently. We cannot find a reason why it will start faulting. Thankfully, just saving the configuration setting will bring the database back online as you have discovered.