Database connection Lost

In our existing system we have the database (Microsoft SQL) and Factory PMI on the same server. Over the weekend something happened, and I know for a fact that it was on Sunday the 28th. However when we look at the log in the factorypmi/log on the hard drive there is only 1 small piece of data in it and it is not anywhere near the correct time stamp.

Now as for the something that happened, well the connection between PMI and SQL would not link up and stay together. According the email alerting system we have in place the connection first went down around 4:30am on the 28th, then again around 5:45am. I know that we had some storms move thru the area during this time. I also can tell you that this server is on a UPS. Anyway when we came into work Monday morning the link between PMI and SQL was still down. We simply restarted the service and connection was re-established. However as soon as went to run any kind of query, it would lock up and then disconnect. The three main error message we saw in the log was something about ‘UD’, ‘LD’ and ‘Role Release’ or at least I think it was release. I can get the logs and send them to you.

What we ended up doing was rebooting the server and now it is back up and running normally, Just curious what else we can check as to why this happened and what thoughts there are as ways to keep it from happening again.

describe the details about when the connection would “Lock up and then disconnect”. What did the Gateway Status page say about the health of the connection? Was there a fault reason?