Database connection on redundant sever faulting

We recently set up a new Ignition 8.1.15 server with redundancy. Today one of our DBA’s notified me that the redundant server was trying to connect to the database (Oracle) every thirty seconds. When I went to look into it I saw that the main gateway’s connection to the database was valid and looked good. I went to check the redundant server it showed that it couldn’t connect and was giving an error

Since the database connection is pulled from the main server I am at a loss as to what would be causing the issue. Thank you for any help.

Might be something you’ve already looked at, but if the database and main Ignition node is on the same host, maybe the database is blocking remote connections, as the Ignition redundancy will be on a different host.

The redundant will connect to the database if it’s in warm mode, as it is essentially a running system. Only in cold mode will it only activate on changeover.

We are in Cold mode. We have two MSSQL servers connected fine, the Oracle server is not. Neither Ignition server is on the same host as the Oracle database. The Ignition servers are in a different town than the oracle server.

Might there be a routing issue? Are your redundant Gateways on different networks? Can you ping from the backup gateway to the Oracle host?

The Gateways are on the same network as each other. I am able to ping the oracle server from the redundant server.

Does the Oracle database restrict login to specific hosts? I’m not an Oracle guy just going to common issues with other databases.

Any chance that the JDBC driver on the redundant server is a different version? Is the Oracle database in Single User Mode perhaps?

I just ran into something similar. In getting our production server to connect to our databases after a new update I installed a new JDBC (well old actually to get it to work with our server) on the master. I tried to just match it by installing the same JDBC driver on the backup node but that resulted in an error. Which seems reasonable, since it’s driven by the Master node.

The solution that worked for me:
From the “Status” Page on the backup gateway, select “Redundancy”. Then over in the Rudundancy Properties box click on “Force Re-Sync” this will bring the new JDBC driver setup in from the master node. When the backup node restarted after the Re-Sync all was well.