Database connection pool size


I would like to have some guidelines about database connection pool size in Ignition. We are about to buy a MS SQL Server licence and we wonder if we are better to go with a per connection or a per core licensing. We have many Ignition SQL Bridge Limited installations that push data to the same database server. Each Ignition SQL Bridge Limited is used only to run a couple (from 5 to 20) of historical transaction groups at low frequency (once per 5 minutes). So, what is the minimal number of connections that each Ignition SQL Bridge Limited should require? Can we limit the connection pool size to a single connection ?


The default number of poolable connection is set to 8. You can certainly lower this to 1 connection, but I would not advise this. If you have some slow/long running queries you will be backing up the communication with the database.

As for what license to purchase, I don’t think we can answer that for you. I would suggest contacting your Microsoft SQL Server sales rep and discussing your needs with them.