Database connection status stuck as "Connecting"

I was getting store and forward errors “Returning autogenerated keys is only supported for 8.2 and later servers” so I updated the JDBC drivers. Now when I check the Database connection status in the gateway it seems to be stuck as connecting. All queries and inserts still seem to be functioning as far as I can tell, but the status not showing itself as connected has me worried.

Is this a bug of some sort, or am I somehow successfully running queries/updates while not connected to the database?

If you just updated the driver without doing anything else, try going to your actual database connection(s) and doing an edit -> save (you don’t need to make any actual changes.

There’s a bug with a JDBC driver change not re-initializing connections that’s fixed in 7.9.11 - for now, restarting the DB connections should work.

The status was stuck as connecting despite it being connected. Everything was working fine while “connecting.” Came in the next day and the connection status had changed to connected. No harm done, just a little worried that I had broken the database connection.

This sounds more like a gateway webpage problem. Perhaps your connection was lost, and the status didn’t update anymore? Or got something from the browser cache?