Database connection to Oracle with SSL certificate


We need to configure a database connection from Ignition to Oracle with a SSL certificate.
Do you know where to place the certificate and how to configure the connection accordingly in the gateway configuration ?
I don’t see any documentation related.

If you mean that the DB has a TLS certificate that needs to be trusted by Ignition so that the connection can use TLS, then you just need to add the root/CA certificate, or the certificate itself if self-signed, to the Ignition Gateway's supplemental certificates: Security Certificates | Ignition User Manual

If you need to use a client TLS certificate then you'll have to refer to the Oracle JDBC driver documentation to figure out how that's done. I'm not sure how or if it's possible.

Thanks Kevin for your answer.
The usecase is to use a client TLS certificate.

I succeeded by configuring properly the Oracle JDBC driver, as below:



And adding the certificate in %gateway installation directory%data/certificates/supplemental

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