Database Driver for Kusto (KQL)

We would like to use the Kusto database. Is it possible with the existing drivers and which ones can I use to connect to e.g. * or is there a driver that I can install ?

Thanks for help!

Never heard of this, but a cursory search indicates Kusto is the name of the query language (KQL) used by Azure Data Explorer. It's not a database, and I don't know what the underlying database(s) would be.

Yes, Kusto (formerly known as Azure Data Explorer or ADX) is a database technology developed by Microsoft. It is designed for analyzing large volumes of data in real-time and is particularly well-suited for log and telemetry data, making it a popular choice for applications like monitoring, diagnostics, and other data analytics scenarios. Kusto is part of the Azure cloud ecosystem and is used for data storage and querying in Azure Data Explorer clusters. It uses a query language known as Kusto Query Language (KQL) for querying and analyzing data.

Well, I've never heard of it either. I'm not sure where it would be popular, but I'm guessing it is not popular in the SCADA world.

I'd suggest looking for a JDBC driver, but JDBC expects SQL, not some custom query language.

Your best bet is something custom. Perhaps these Cirrus Link modules:

Just found this