Database Hardware Sizing!

Is there a good resource (formula) to calculate the type of hardware to use for the database and Ignition servers?

I am thinking to use the following:
• Ignition server: 64 MB RAM and Quad Core CPU.
• Database Server (Microsoft SQL Server) 64 GB RAM and Quad Core CPU.

I am planning to run the following environment:

• Connect to at 60 lines, possibly 15 additional lines in the next two years.
• SCADA system to 60 lines +.
• Historian for the above lines
• Alarming System.
• 100+ of Reports.
• Approximately 300 clients (240 active all the times).
• Approximately 75 HMI’s.
• Approximately 120 barcode scanners.
• Using MES (Sepasoft) System to run OEE, Track & Trace, SPC, Recipe, and Instruments Interface.
• Interfaces with ERP and other databases.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


I hope you mean 64 GB of RAM instead of MB :wink:

That said, we have no experience with installations that big. But I do think your CPU power is a bit low for that number of clients. The server keeps track of all client subscriptions, and has to constantly compare data to decide if clients need updates. If you have 300 clients, that’s a lot of processing power involved.

I’d try to go with a 16-core CPU, but as said, we have no experience with installations of that size.

Very large memory sizes in Java can give one pathological garbage collection pauses. Be sure to use the G1GC collector settings instead of the default CMS collector.

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I ran a gateway with 300 clients. The server was a VM with 24 GB of RAM and 2 CVPU of 4 cores each.

It was ok.