Database location in Ignition

I thought Ignition saves its data bases like users/roles/historian or whatever DB it
creates, in default data folder of mySql data base. However it doesn’t seem to be the case. On creating new entry in the DB (say user or roles for example) , it doesn’t appear in any default data folder of mySql. How to import data from external tables into Ignitions data bases? It it thru Ignition’s Query browser? Is there an automatic way of making Ignition read the imported data (provided the schemas of imported databases match the Ignitions default schema).

By default, Ignition uses an Internal type of user source named default. You can create additional types of user sources that can connect to a database–see Security section of docs, perhaps you’d want to look at Database Authentication.

Do you have any custom user sources defined?

Also, any of the DB-based user sources are not tying into the database’s own mechanisms for authentication or authorization - instead, Ignition will generate or use some standard tables in the given DB to store user information.

Yes I am aware of this from IU courses. However when I create a data based based user source, empty data base and associated tables are created which I have to populate manually one by one adding roles and user names. How can I import data into these tables from an external database (say exported from another project or server). Do I have to do something from mySql data base work bench or simply change some paths such that Ignition sees these tables!

I could neither find any Ignition databases in mySql default data folder nor in Ignition’s data folder under projects !

Yes I know Ignition creates a set of standard table for storing user and role data, but where is that stored! I wanted to overwrite these from an existing source of similar tables from say another project or something like that. How to do that was my question.

Yes. Commonly statements of the form Insert Into someTable (...) Select ... From otherTable.

From database query browser in the designer?

Should be fine for the designer’s query browser, since it is a single statement.