DataBase model decided by Ignition

As I am going forward with the know-how of Ignition (great really) now it seems I do not have the control of the tables in my database to customize my historical data. I mean, first time I tried Ignition I just created a simulated OPC-Ua device and got it had its own historical table. But right now, in all my tests, the only tables I see are

sqlt_data_1_2012_06 sqlth_drv sqlth_partitions sqlth_sce sqlth_scinfo sqlth_te

Is that the only way it works now or otherway, how can I control my DB model to have whatever I want, one table by OPC-Ua device, foreign keys between such tables …whatever

You’ll want to look into transaction groups for historical logging. That will allow you to choose the table name and column names. You also get triggering ability, so you can log information only when a certain condition is met (time of day, plc value, etc…)

For getting started with transaction groups, check out the user manual entry.

Tnx a lot! I’ll go for it.