Database NDX list

We pull information from a database and also write to it, to send data out to plc, for acceptable badges for a clearance issue. The original person that set it up, set up 15 spots in the database. I have tried to go in to the DB browse and change one of the unused ndx number to a different number so i can add more, but it wont let me write into it. I don't know how he got the numbers in there initially. Am i missing something basic? thank you.

Where are you doing this DB browse? (Ignition doesn't have a generic DB content editor in the designer.)

What are 'spots'? Stored procedure acronym? Wouldn't that be 'SPOTs' or similar?

Sorry about not clarifying enough, there is a dropdown box, that when i double click there is an sql query, that states the below, when i search the DB browse right above it, i found the RFID_user, and the number, but i cannot change it.

SELECT distinct NUMBER FROM RFID_user where number > 0

More info, below is a picture of the DB browse, the dropdown goes off of the number column below, it has 1-15 then several zeros, but i cannot change any of the zeros to 16 or any other number to add more to it.

Only thing i can find that seems to make sense to me(not sure if its correct or not) is the new page, uses a script to update the information (right below here) where as the original page he put in that needed to be changed, used insert, is it because he set it up with the lower one that now i cannot change the upper one?

system.db.runPrepUpdate("UPDATE RFID_user SET Name = ?, Level = ?, Badge_NO = ? WHERE NUMBER =?", [Name, Level, Badge_NO, Number])

system.db.runPrepUpdate("INSERT INTO RFID_user (NUMBER, Badge_NO, Level, Name) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)", [NUMBER, Badge_NO, Level, Name])