Database not storing tags

Hi everyone,
I am using Ignition 8. I want to store tags in a mySQL database.
I have connected the database to Ignition (in status the database connection is valid, and from mySQL, when I start the ignition gateway and see the “show processlist”, I can see the connection). I have set some tags (memory tags at first) with the history option, and set the options I need, but the tags are not stored on the database. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Do you see a set of tables in the DB with names starting with sqlth_ ? If not, then Ignition doesn’t have permission to create the tables it needs. It is best to create a database with the Ignition user account as the owner, so all tables and resources created automatically have the permissions Ignition needs.

Thank you for the answer.
After some time, I finally got it functioning, from this post on the forum:

I got some ideas, and finally the way to make it to work was creating a new tag, and give the Historian settings in the creation of the Tag. Also to give full credentials to the mysql user associated with the Ignition tags, and then everything worked.