Database parameter type not showing up (named query)

I’m trying to pass the ‘database name’ as a dynamic parameter when executing my named query but when I select the option on the Database Connection dropdown (Authoring page) I’m not seeing the database parameter type as explained in the manual.

Has anyone had this same issue? I have multiple database connections configured on the gateway.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Make sure that you have saved your project after you set up the Named Query; named Query resources do not display changes to Perspective until after the Named Query resource has been saved.

I verified that when I set up a Named Query with a parameterized database that the Named Query binding dialog does supply the database as an expected parameter once the Named Query which expects the parameterized database is selected.

My Named Query:

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 9.37.32 AM

Binding dialog after selecting ExpectsDBAsParam:

Thank you @cmallonee, you have saved me once again. Not all heroes wear capes.

In order to get the list of databases configured, I believe I can use the system.db.getConnections() ?


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Yes, that should get you a DataSet which contains information about the currently configured databases.

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