Database pen perspective/ Easy chart perspective


we are looking for easy chart component into perspective, because we use database pens. anyone Can help us about how to make it in perspective?

thanks for your time

Hi Javier,

What functionality from the easy chart are you looking to replicate? The ability to just drag and drop data sources (tags)?

There is a lot of functionality in the easy chart we’re not going to be able to replicate in the current charts, but don’t worry, lot more charting work on the roadmap to address the shortcomings.

If you can give us a more specific idea as to the goal, we’ll be able to help guide you there, or at least let you know what is possible.

Hi Perry,

Thanks for your answer.

in vision module, we have a SQL database, so, using easy chart -> Database pen we can plot multiples variables directly from database.

So, if our datasource is a database, how can we plot this data? inside view perspective, a way to obtain the values is using a Dataset Tag, this dataset could be one column for value and one column for timedate.

If you can help us, or you can guide us, we’ll appreciate that.

thanks for your help