Database problems

Gateway is pegging my CPU with nothing in the designer at all… Why is it?

Monitoring a historical string tag. The actual historian database is on the right. A table is being used to display the tag history. It seems that no matter what sort of setting I use in the table binding, I can never get the display to match what is actually in the database. Tag scan class is 350ms. Basically all I want is to see a list of changes that the tag has been through in the last 5 minutes.

Perhaps this might help you:

That is definitely strange. I don’t have an immediate answer (a quick sanity check here worked fine), but here are a few things I’m curious about:

  1. On the process tab, do you see the CPU on “java.exe” or over on the database?
  2. How many entries do you have in the sqlth_sce table?
  3. Does the cpu ever go down?

If possible, the easiest thing would be to call in tomorrow and let us take a look over GoToMeeting. If not possible, try going to Console>Levels in the gateway, and turn “History.SQLTags” to debug for a little bit (a few minutes, and then set it back to Info). Grab the wrapper.log file from InstallDir/logs, zip it up, and send it to support AT, or attach it here.


ok, can we set up a goto meeting, can you email us at
and perhaps we can get online this morning…

Ok, I sent an email, but any time you’re ready, just call in and ask for me.