Database Query Editor cannot write NULL to field


I’m trying to write a NULL value into a field in the Database Query Browser, however I get a big fat red when I do… is this a limitation, or is there some sytnax I need to use?

Also, what type of query makes a table editable within this tool? More often than not, I’m unable to edit a table from this tool and I’m never sure why. Even if the query is a simple SELECT * FROM <TABLE>


Can’t help you with the null, as there no string you can type that transforms to null. This is true in many DB editors. Some of them will transform an empty string as null.

As for editability, that requires an identifiable primary key within your query results.


Also related to editing the DB from a project make sure your project properties allow you to. On the newer versions of Ignition you’re not allowed to be default. I think it’s an option under security?

@bkarabinchak.psi The legacy DB access option only applies to the client, not the designer. But still a good reminder for people who happen across this.